Site Usage and Navigation

Mobile First Design

The site is designed from a “mobile first” perspective. The features of the site are intended to be easy to use and fairly consistent whether you are on a desktop browser or on a mobile device.

The Site “Table of Contents” is available at a “click” of the mouse just about anywhere. You can access the navigation menu by clicking on the words “Table of Contents” at the top of the page.

NEW - JULY 2023 We have added the ability to access the Table of Contents by simply clicking anywhere in the margins of the page or anywhere there is not text or other links. Try it now! You can click anywhere on this page, and the table of contents should appear. Then, click somewhere other than on a link in the table of contents, and it should close and return your here.


NEW - JUNE 2023

Many of the documents on the site are tagged with paragraph references corresponding to the paragraph numbers found in the source material. To easily copy the text simply click on that paragraph. The text will automatically be selected for you. Then, use the copy tools of your device or browser as you normally would.

If you manually select text, the link will point to the first paragraph from which you selected if you select text from multiple paragraphs.

The copied text will conveniently include a web link directly to that paragraph.

NEW - JUNE 2023

Easily link to specific paragraphs of the main documents of the Book of Concord. Simply click on the number associated with that paragraph (or, if the paragraph is highlighted, click on the “link” icon). It will automatically place a web link directly to that paragraph in your “clipboard” to paste on a social media site or in a document of your choice.