About This Site

This site is maintained in honor of the late Rev. Paul T. McCain who originally put the Book of Concord online at this web address. The site went through a massive redesign and was relaunched in September of 2008. The current site was redesigned in February of 2022 reusing much of the content from the 2008 relaunch while modernizing the technology used to deliver the site and updating the site code to bring it up to date for modern web browsing.

Due to an unfortunate series of events, some of the code and links were unrecoverable prior to the current redesign and therefore there may be some broken links. We have done our best to re-establish the links we could, but there is no doubt we missed some.

If you notice broken links, PLEASE contact us.

Special thanks….

Special thanks is owed to Rev. Paul T. McCain who did so much of the work to make the original sources of this site available and in a usable form. Also, Mr. Norm Fisher was instrumental in the 2008 relaunch and converted the digitized files into a much more computer friendly format.

Thanks are also due to Remy, Matt and Chris for the current site design and redeployment using a more manageable and modern framework we hope will make the site easier to manage, maintain and upgrade in the future.

BookOfConcord.Org into the future…

It is hoped that this redesign is only a starting point and that Rev. McCain’s legacy will not only endure, but will be able to encompass more resources in the future. If you know of a helpful resource relating to the Book of Concord that you believe should be added to the repository, please let us know!